Price List

Price List

Cutting and styling

Cut and blow dry £40.00
Restyle £50.00
Wet cut £29.00
Blow dry short hair £25.00
Blow dry long hair £32.00
Shampoo and set £21.00
Hair up from £40.00

Children under 12

Cut and blow dry £21.00
Wet cut £17.00
Restyle £30.00

Teenager from 13 years

Cut and blow dry £30.00
Wet cut £22.00
Restyle £40.00

Classic Colouring

Skin test is required 24-48 hours before colouring services.
Please make sure hair is free from any coloured powdered sprays.

Regrowth tint up to 6 weeks £34.00
Regrowth tint over 6 weeks £38.00
Tint and scattered foils £61.00
Full head colour £50.00
Full head colour long £55.00
Toner £25.00


Classic full head £60.00
Classic half head £47.00

Colour on trend

Consultation for this colour package is required. A £50 deposit will be will be taken to secure your booking. This deposit will be taken off your colour service.

Mega foils- from £95.00
Balayage from £85.00
Colour melt from £35.00
Toning from £25.00


Added to colour £15.00
Stand alone treatment £30.00
These prices do not include cutting and styling

Bridal hair

Consultation required